Optimized-Miller & Wife title textPuppetmongers’ first play returns to Theatre Passe Muraille for March Break           after some 30 odd years

Matinees:  March 10 to 15, daily at 2:00 p.m.  

Evening shows:  March 6 to 8, and again March 13 to 15, at 7:30 p.m.

All tickets $20 at the Arts Box Office  or call 416 504 7529

“It really was like eating your favourite dessert — you loved every morsel, every tidbit, and, when you were finished, you wanted more.” The Edmonton Journal

Enjoyed by ages 8 and up

The Miller Family

The Miller and His Wife is a witty tale turned situation comedy about power, bullying and trickery.  Populated with a heart-warming cast of puppet characters, the play is an adaptation of two classic folk stories known around the world under a multitude of names.

The Story:  A poor miller leads his family from rustic poverty to middle class comfort by gently guiding his none too ethical landlord, a gullible, grasping fellow, into simple financial speculations that go way over his head. Then we continue the adventures of the miller and his family with the miller’s wife taking the reins when she is tied up in a plot to kill the king. She manages to frustrate every regicidal attempt made by intriguing assassins, and establishes her eldest son as heir to the throne, thus providing a happy end for everyone.  Well, almost everyone.  Warning!  An innocent puppet cow is butchered and the evil puppet plotters do not survive the show!

Puppetmongers created The Miller in 1974 and The Miller’s Wife in 1976.  In these combined plays, the two performers bring to life the nineteen characters in the show, animating the puppets while remaining in full view of the audience.  They make all the puppets’ voices, they narrate, and even act as pieces of the scenery from time to time.

The Miller & his Wife has been awarded a Citation for Excellence in the Art of Puppetry from l’Union International de la Marionette USA, and has toured Canada, the USA, Britain, Europe and Iran, tickling the imaginations of family audiences everywhere.


Matinees: March 10 to 15, at 2:00 p.m.  

Evening shows:  March 6 to 8, and March 13 to 15, at 7:30 p.m.

Theatre Passe Muraille BackSpace  

16 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto (Bathurst & Queen West)

All tickets $20 at the Arts Box Office

or call 416 504 7529

Enjoyed by ages 8 and up. 

Warning!  An innocent puppet cow is butchered and the evil puppet plotters do not survive the show!


I recommend highly that you see the performance.      It is truly a show the whole  family can enjoy and it is certainly a chance to see puppetry practiced at its finest.   The Edmonton Journal


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