Telephone:  416-469-3555

Mail address:  Puppetmongers, 3 Jersey Avenue, Toronto, ONT. M6G 3A2


Studio Address:  Unit W-23 at 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto                                       (no mail to this address please)

We are in the huge industrial building on the west side of Carlaw that runs north from Dickens Street (which runs west from Carlaw, JUST north of Dundas East).

  • To find our studio, go west on Dickens, along the south end of the big building.
  • Pass some truck delivery bays and an auto shop, then, about the middle of this wall,  you’ll see a dark green door with a pink awning over it.
  • Go in there, and up the stairs immediately to your right.  At the top, turn left and you’ll see our door ahead of you with a Puppetmongers Theatre sign on it.

If you are planning to visit us, please call ahead to ensure we will be there 416-469-3555   or Email

Enter by side door on Dickens Lane

Note that side door on Dickens gives direct access to Puppetmongers Studio.

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