We will post our season information as fast as plans solidify.

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Keep an eye out for our Winter Holiday Show – Tea at the Palace at the Wychwood Barns Theatre, Shows and Workshops available to tour, and all our mentoring projects: School of Puppetry Classes, Puppetry eXploratory Laboratory (PXL), and the 2017 Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day.

The samovar in Tea at the Palace, photo by Dahlia Katz

TOURING SHOWS FOR SCHOOLS & LIBRARIES book through Mariposa in the Schools

AND FOR THEATRE SHOWS contact us directly or call 416-469-3555


Since the sibling duo Ann Powell and David Powell founded Puppetmongers in 1974, the company has become internationally recognized as a leader and innovator in the field of puppetry, offering performances, workshops, touring extensively and consulting on productions for stage and screen.  See what else is on this season!

Contact us at or call 416-469-3555

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