Workshopped in Stratford

Collaborated on a workshopping of Cue for Treason at Stratford Ontario, with directors Varrick Grimes and Keira Loughran and video artist Erin Gruber.  It was done with a blend of shadow image/action with projection and live action from a team of six actors.

For this made cut out shadow images to be projected by halogen lamps, and then Erin captured them on video and played with them on her computer before re projecting the results.

Some memorable moments were:

  • A few galloping horsemen I cut out became a hoard of charging cavalry.
  • A ghost scene/bad dream with actors silhouettes and projected visions as shadow images.
  • A cut out chest was projected so that two actors could climb in to hide.
  • Live actors working on the sides of the stage were filmed and projected onto a two floor house interior I had cut out, so you could see them plotting, running up and down stairs, climbing through windows etc, while also seeing them do it all in mime.  A hoot!

Altogether a great shame that the Stratford Festival did not choose to take in on to production – it would have been so much fun!


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