Hard Times

“The glory of this production are the puppets, all designed, constructed and costumed by the ubertalented Powells… Filled with imaginative touches”
Globe & Mail, Toronto

“The strength of the production lies in the cleverness of the Powell’s design, the interplay involving hand puppets, expressive masks and shadow play… makes for memorable theatre.”    NOW Magazine, Toronto



Critic’s Pick NNNN rating. “Highly imaginative….we watch and listen as spectral figures flit by…our senses are teased and tickled…a spectacular job of suggesting a lot with a little”    NOW Magazine,Toronto


Cinderella in Muddy York

Critic’s Pick NNNN Rating. “Charm…. Exuberant…. Real thrills…. Magic! ”                     NOW MagazineToronto


Pirate Widow Cheng

“The Powells are story-tellers of boundless imagination”    Stage Door,Toronto


Tea at the Palace

“It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it… the kind of magic that is theatrical in the best sense of the word.”    CBC Radio, Toronto

“A feast for the eyes.”    NOW Magazine, Toronto

“I was blown away!    EYE Magazine, Toronto.


A hit!”    The Toronto Star, Toronto.

“Custom made to delight… could there possibly be a better way of showing young audiences the essential activities of theatre?”    The Globe & Mail, Toronto


Walidad the Grasscutter

“Puppetry just doesn’t get any better than Ann and David’s work.”                               The Puppetry Journal, USA.

“Stunningly Beautiful.”    Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg. 

“Very sophisticated.”    Animations, London,U.K.

“Irresistible.”    The Globe and Mail, Toronto.


The Brick Bros. Circus

“Simply brilliant.”    De Dag, Brussels, Belgium.

“An exceptionally funny and imaginative show.” 
The Edinburgh Festival Times, Edinburgh,U.K.


“Should convince the most calcified holdout that puppetry is no longer kid’s stuff.”    
Atlanta Constitution, USA.


The Miller and his Wife

“It’s truly a show the whole family can enjoy and it’s certainly a chance to see puppetry practiced at its finest.”    Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg.

“One of the outstanding puppet companies in the world today.”    
Puppetry Journal, USA.


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