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Performed with delicately carved rod marionettes, delightful visual effects and traditional Persian music, this retelling of a Near-Eastern folk tale is puppet theatre for older audiences. The Puppetmongers introduce a stunningly beautiful world of imaginative experience, based on their own travels in Iran, in this moving tale of a poor grass cutter whose generosity inadvertently draws him and his friend, a travelling merchant, into a world of powerful people and high finance. Walidad is a celebration of the richness of Persian culture and gives a feeling for an ancient country adapting to the modern world.

In 1976 Puppetmongers toured in Iran with their show The Miller.  The country and the culture inspired Ann and David to create Walidad the Grass Cutter based on their experiences, when they returned home to Canada.  In 2004, Puppetmongers returned to Iran and performed Walidad at the 10th Tehran International Puppet Theatre Festival.

Available May 2017.  Book with Mariposa in the Schools


  • For older family audiences:  enjoyed by all ages, 9 and up
  • For schools:  Grades 4 – 8
  • Also plays well for adult audiences
  • Audience maximum 250 (either sitting on the gym floor or in raked seating)
  • This play requires a raised stage, as the puppets are manipulated at the performers’ feet.
    • 18′ wide by 12′ deep by 8′ high
    • 5.2 meters wide X 3.5 meters deep X 2.5 meters ceiling.
  • Approximately 45 minutes
  • Post-performance Q & A available




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