Name Of Show: Walidad The Grass Cutter

Age level:  Suitable for families, with children 8 years to adult. (Please note that this is not a show for very young children).

Audience size:  In a well raked house – up to 300 people N.B: The audience must have an unobstructed view of the whole stage floor because the puppets work at the performers’ feet.

Number in company:  2 performers.

Length of performance: 45 minutes

  • Setup time: 1 hour (post flight set up is 2 hours)
  • Strike time: 1 hour (pre flight set up is 2 hours)

Performing area: Absolute minimum is 6 meters wide, 4 meters deep, 2.7 meters high.   (20′ wide, 12′ deep, 8′ high)

Electrical outlets: One standard 120 volt up stage center.

Sound requirements: CD player for pre-show music.

Lighting: House lights and preset: Warm wash and 2 specials, with about 15 levels. For the play area we require a warm light wash, and the following:

“special #1”,  spot, up stage center, warm light, (for two people, seated on floor)

“special #2”,  spot, up stage left, warm light, (for one person, seated on floor)

The visual and verbal cues, for these “specials”, will be explained to the lighting technician during the tech time before the first performance.

N.B. If you will be unable to fulfill these lighting requirements with your facilities, PLEASE NOTIFY US in sufficient time so that we can bring our portable “studio” lights.


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