Toy Theatre Workshops for Schools

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This type of puppetry was popular as home entertainment in 1800’s Europe, with families creating miniature versions of popular theatre shows.  It is today enjoying a resurgence among puppeteers.

These dramas in miniature employed all kinds of spectacular effects: indeed, some mechanical contrivances and contraptions first invented for toy theatres were later adopted by “real” theatres.


Toy Theatres for Grades SK to 3

Each student transforms a cereal box into their own delightful miniature theatre, complete with little puppet actors and scenery, and then performs their own show.

A half-day workshop gets everything started. Then in another half-day, either the artist returns or the classroom teacher takes over, for the rehearsals and performances.


Toy Theatres for Grades 4 to 8

Students transform ordinary cardboard grocery boxes into delightful miniature theatres, complete with proscenium and wings, little puppet actors and splendid scenic effects, for productions full of surprises.

A two day (or 4 x ½ days) program includes in-depth planning and story-boarding, leading to the design and building of theatres, puppets and props, and culminates in rehearsal and performance.


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