Theatre Tech for Foolish Tales

Length of performance:  45 minutes

Age suitability:  Family audiences: aged 4 to 9 years

Maximum audience size:  150 in a flat hall or 200 with raked seating.

Performing area:  17′ wide by 12′ deep by 8′ high                                                             5.2 meters wide by 3.7 meters deep by 2.5 meters ceiling.

NB: Can not be performed on a carpeted floor.

Set Up & Strike

  • Set up time for the set:  One hour
  • Take out time for the set:  One hour
  •  NB:  in theatres an additional 2 hours may be required for light hang.

Sound:  We travel locally with a Mini Disc system to plug into your system.

Personnel:   2 performers.                                                                                                    1 technical director may be required: contact us for details

Freight:  Total of 5 boxes as follows:

  • 2 boxes: 87 cm x 70 cm x 35 cm
  • 2 boxes: 96 cm x 44 cm x 44 cm
  • 1 box: 70 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm

Weights to follow on request.


 For further details please contact:  Email:

Telephone:  416-469-3555