Theatre Tech for Brick Circus

Length of performance:   45 minutes

Recommended age level:   Family, aged 4 and up

Maximum audience size:  100 in flat hall; 250 with raked seating

Performing area:  Absolute minimum area:  12′ wide, 12′ deep, 8′ high

Lighting:   Our Stage manager will cue your lighting technician during the performance: We require:

  1. Low level wash center stage
  2. A warm wash, center stage
  3. Smaller area, centre stage
  4. Amost a black out
  5. House lights

Sound:  Our Stage manager will run the music cues:

  • We need either a dual cassette deck or a CD system
  • We will also require two wireless lavelier microphones

Electricity:  One standard electric outlet upstage right

We also require:  Two stacking chairs

Set up time:  90 minutes

Strike time: . 60 minutes


For further information please contact Puppetmongers   416-469-3555