Puppetmongers is accredited as a Recommending Company for the 

Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program for 2017-2018

Which means that we have a total of $4,000 to divide between all worthy projects

( Deadline: Postmarked no later than October 15th, 2017)

Do you need a small grant to kick-start your project?  Puppetmongers is seeking applications from artists currently involved in the development of puppetry projects.  Our priorities and areas of interest are:

  • The development of theatrical work with puppetry,
  • The integration of puppetry into theatre productions,
  • The creation of new forms of puppetry and new theatrical uses of puppetry,
  • The nurturing of new generation and culturally diverse artists.

Projects may be in any stage of development prior to production or workshop production, and these small grants are particularly suited to helping artists with the earliest phases of creation. We have a total of $4,000 to assign:  Thus the grants we can recommend range from a minimum of $1,000 to the maximum of $4,000.  They have usually been on the lower end, spread over few projects.

Applications should include:

  • The application form available on the OAC website,
  • two page maximum description of the project,
  • A financial request with a simple budget,
  • bio or resume of the primary artists involved, and
  • Any appropriate support material such as text, diagrams, sketches, or photos/videos (which may be hard copies or web links) of the work insofar as it has been developed already, and/or:
  • Inspirational elements which most readily explain the innovation being pursued.

All applicants must also meet the criteria requirements of the Ontario Arts Council. For more information about the Theatre Creators’ Reserve program, to access the full guidelines and the application form, please click here for the OAC website

Puppetmongers requests THREE hard copies of the application form and support   materials.  Please mail to:  3 Jersey Avenue, Toronto, Ont, M6G 3A2                          POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15, 2017

We are curious and excited to see what the artistic community has percolating, and extremely grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for their increased support of puppetry.



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