The Miller & The Miller’s Wife


These are two shows in sequence: The Miller and The Miller’s Wife


Photo credit: Ann Powell

A poor miller leads his family from rustic poverty to middle class comfort by gently guiding his none too ethical landlord, a gullible, grasping fellow, into simple financial speculations that go way over his head.  This play is an adaptation of a classic folk tale known around the world under a multitude of names.  Hans Anderson called it “Big Klaus and Little Klaus”, an Irish version goes by the name of “Hudden and Dudden and Donnal O’Neary”, and there are variations from France, India, Korea and elsewhere.


EITHER partnered with a demonstration of puppetry around the world

  • For family and adult audiences, aged 5 to 105.
  • Approximately 45 minutes.

OR partnered with its sequel The Miller’s Wife (see below),

  • For family and adult audiences, aged 8 to 108.
  • Approximately 60 minutes.



DESCRIPTION OF The Miller’s Wife

This play continues the adventures of the miller and his family.  In this tale the miller’s wife takes the reins when she is tied up in a plot to kill the king.  While baking the Royal birthday cake she manages to frustrate every regicidal attempt made by intriguing assassins, and to establish her eldest son as heir to the throne, thus providing a happy end for everyone.  Well, almost everyone.  This story is an adaptation of an Irish folk tale about outwitting the “little folk”, with fairies replaced by royalty and a palace intrigue, and includes the making and baking of a birthday cake.

The Miller and his Wife, (The Miller partnered with The Miller’s Wife) populated with a heart-warming cast of eccentric puppet caricatures, is a witty English situation comedy about power, bullying and trickery.  The play has been recognized as an outstanding production with a Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry from l’Union International de la Marionette, USA.

DETAILS FOR The Miller’s Wife

Partnered with its prequel The Miller (see above)

  • For family and adult audiences, aged 8 to 108.
  • Approximately 60 minutes.

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