Tech for The Miller & His Wife

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY:  When The Miller and The Miller’s Wife are combined as The Miller & His Wife, the tech changes radically: See below

Length of performance:  60 minutes when paired with The Miller

Age of audience:  8 years old and up

Maximum audience:  250 people                                                                    Please note that if the audience is to be 50 people or more, we require a raised performing area (a minimum of 2 feet), OR raked seating with a clear view of the stage floor. This because the Miller’s Wife puppets are manipulated at the level of the performers’ feet.

Performing area:  

  • 5.2 meters wide X 3.5 meters deep X 2.5 meters ceiling.
  • 18′ wide by 12′ deep by 8′ high

Complete black out is desirable

Equipment:   The Company brings its own light and sound systems for non-theatrical venues.

Electricity:  Access to a standard 120 volt outlet. The company brings extension cords.

Personnel:  2 performers

Set Up & Strike

  • Set up time for the set is 1 hour.  NB: an extra hour is required in a theatre venue for light focus
  • Take out time for the set is 1 hour


 For further details please contact:  Email:

Telephone:  416-469-3555