Tea at the Palace

Photo credit – Greg Tjepkema


Rich in magical surprises and mechanical ingenuity, inventive puppetry and exuberant folk music, Tea at the Palace is a sumptuous retelling of two stories told in old Russia about justice, humanity and compassion. In the first, a peasant finds a samovar in his field, but when he uses it to make tea “just like the Tsar” he is charged with treason. In the second, the Tsar is introduced to a wise and intriguing peasant girl, which scandalizes the courtiers who plot to thwart their friendship. Full of riddles, ritual and humour this play is both relevant and enchanting.

Directed by Sharon Weisbaum, designed, built and performed by Ann Powell and David Powell, music created by David Anderson and Nuno Cristo.


  • For family audiences:  enjoyed by all ages, 5 and up.
  • For school group theatre outings:  Grades K – 6 (N.B. not available for in-school performance)
  • Maximum audience 300, with a well raked house
  • Approximately 50 minutes, with optional post-performance Q & A.


We regret that this production is not Available in Schools