Foolish Tales for Foolish Times

Four classic tales of misadventure, full of venerable folk wisdom from around the world, are retold in a celebration of our shared humanity. Presented in a deceptively simple, low tech style, [...]

Walidad the Grass Cutter 

Performed with delicately carved rod marionettes, delightful visual effects and traditional Persian music, this retelling of a Near-Eastern folk tale is puppet theatre for older audiences. The [...]

Cinderella Awards and History

It was the best performance for students I have seen in 25 years of teaching.  Your play was a superb historical “lesson” combined with a well-loved fairy tale; your sets were intricate, [...]

Holiday Show 2017-18

History and pure fun are integrated in this imaginative retelling of the classic fairy tale. We’ve reset the story in 1834, just as “Muddy” York is to be renamed Toronto.