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Cinderella in Muddy York

History and fun are integrated in this inventive retelling of the classic tale, set in pioneer-era Upper Canada, ingeniously staged with rod marionettes in a traditional puppet theatre that cleverly transforms into scenes evoking early Canada. Click here for more…

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Cinderella in Muddy York      Grades K to 8, audience max 250       or Primaries only, max 200

        Available January 2017                            Book through                    Mariposa in the Schools

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Foolish Tales for Foolish Times 

Four classic tales of missadventure, full of venerable folk wisdom from around the world, are told in a celebration of our shared humanity.  Each story is told with a different style of puppetry, from human size to hand puppet, table-top to kitchenware.  This play kindles creativity, inspires role play and encourages thinking outside the box. Click here for more…

Foolish Tales for Foolish Times  is suitable for Grades K to 3, audience maximum 200      or Grades K to 6 mixed, maximum 250

Available April 2017 through Mariposa in the Schools

Foolish Tales Tech Sheet

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Walidad the Grass Cutter 

Based on Puppetmongers travels in Iran, Walidad the Grass Cutter introduces a stunningly beautiful world of imaginative experience.  It tells the moving tale of a poor man whose generosity inadvertently draws him and a friend into the dangerous society of powerful people and high finance.    Click here for more…

Walidad the Grass Cutter is suitable for Grades 4 – 8, (also plays well for adult audiences).

Audience maximum 250 (either sitting on the gym floor or in raked seating).  This play requires a raised stage, as the puppets are manipulated at the performers’ feet.

Available May 2017 through Mariposa in the Schools

Walidad Tech Sheet


A World of Puppetry

An introduction to the exciting variety of puppetry traditions around the world, and a demonstration of simple puppet making techniques, this presentation appeals to students’ imaginations and sense of wonder. It also gives teachers a solid technical basis with which to lead classroom activity in this interdisciplinary art form.  Each presentation is tailored to be audience age appropriate.  Click here for more…

Puppets from Java, Mali & China

A World of Puppetry  is modified to be age-appropriate for primary / or junior / or intermediate. Maximum 100 participants.

Available all year Mariposa in the Schools

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We offer hands-on workshops and residencies for students, grade 1 through 8, and Teachers’ Professional Development workshops.  A few suggestions follow:

 Shadow Puppetry 

Rod Puppetry 


Available all year.  Contact Ann Powell 416-538-6210

Or Mariposa in the Schools


The Brick Bros. Circus  

Guaranteed to stimulate imaginations and spark creative thinking, this is a complete, miniature one-ring circus, performed by highly trained building bricks in itty bitty costumes. See the acrobatic Bildovitch Family, the breathtaking Madame Brikaskova, the amazing Brick Contortionist and much-much more!  Click here for more…

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The Brick Bros. Circus is suitable for Grades K – 8.  (also plays well for adult audiences). Audience maximum 250.

Brick Bros. Tech Sheet

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