School Tech for Foolish Tales

Length of performance:   45 minutes.  A Q & A session can be added on request

Set up time is one hour in the performance area
Take out time is one hour in the performance area
Thus we will need the venue for 3 hours

Maximum audience size and Grade level:  

  • For Grades 1 – 3:  maximum audience 150
  • Or for Grades 1 – 6 mixed:  maximum audience 250.

Performing area:  17′ wide by 12′ deep by 8′ high                                                                                5.2 meters wide X 3.7 meters deep X 2.5 meters ceiling.

Please note that it can not be performed on a carpeted floor.

Electricity:  Access to a standard 120 volt outlet.                                                             The company brings extension cords.

Equipment:   The company brings its own light and sound systems.

Personnel:  2 performers


 For further details please contact:  Email:

Telephone:  416-538-6210