School Tech for Cinderella

Length of performance:  45 minutes, plus Q & A session if requested

Set up time:  One and a half hours:  Take out time: One and a half hours:                         Thus the total time in venue is 4 hours.

Age of audience:  

  • Grades 2 – 6 (mixed is ideal), maximum audience 250
  • Or – if primaries only, then the maximum is 200

Maximum audience size:  250 seated on the floor will enable all to see and hear the presentation

Performing area:  6 m wide x 6 m deep x 3.3 m ceiling.                                                                                               (18’ wide x 18’ deep x 10’ ceiling)

NB:  Can not be performed on a carpeted floor.

Sound:  We bring our own sound equipment

Lighting:  We bring our own lighting equipment.

Please note that the show works best in a darkened venue

Electrical:  We require one standard 120 volt outlet

Personnel:  2 performers


For further details please contact Puppetmongers at Tel: (416) 538-6210