School Tech for Brick Circus

Recommended age level:  JK to Grade 8    NB:  This show has this wide appeal because the younger ones see the daring bricks, while the older students are engaged by the tongue-in-cheek humour of the show.

Maximum Audience size:                 250 people

Length of performance:                   45 minutes, plus Q & A session on request

Set up time:                                        60 minutes.

Strike time:                                         60 minutes.

* Thus the total time we require in your venue is 3 hours. *

Performing area:   Absolute minimum area:  12′ wide, 12′ deep, 8′ high.


 Lighting:  We bring our own lighting equipment

* Please note that the show works best in a darkened venue *

Sound:  We bring our own sound equipment

Electricity:  One standard electric outlet.

We also require:  Two stacking chairs.


 For further information please contact Puppetmongers   416-469-3555