Puppetry Intensive June 10 to 21


Mondays to Fridays, 10th through 21st June 2019

At Puppetmongers Studio:  Please visit this page for details of the location

This training program is designed to inspire an understanding of puppetry as a theatre form, and to integrate this understanding into the practice of visual performance. This intensive is for actors, directors, designers, puppeteers, teachers, and writers.

Participants will be taken on a hands-on exploration of the principles and practicalities of new work development with puppets, under the expert guidance of Ann Powell and David Powell of Puppetmongers Theatre, plus selected Guest Specialists/Artists.

This is a production course, focused on discovery.  This is to be achieved through exploration in design, construction and performance work, all to foster a better understanding of the inner workings of puppets, their manipulation, and their potential in theatre.

Overview workshops in the first week

will explore elements of set and puppet design and construction, scripting techniques, and manipulation of puppets, as well as sound and voice.  Participants will discover how to imbue puppets and objects with the semblance of thought, emotion and life – how to make the puppet appear to think, feel and act as a living being.

We will explore different puppet types and found objects, and experiment with the puppet/puppeteer relationship.  These workshops will support the original theatrical puppet performance developed in the second week.

Production workshop in the second week 

will focus on the development of a short piece for performance in an overview of the creation process.  Participants will take part in the full gamut of activities required to go from page to stage as they immerse themselves in the ensemble’s conception, fabrication, and innovation.  We will discover effective forms of communication, and develop the critical eye through performance analysis and peer feedback.

As the final phase, the created production or scenes may be presented to an informal invited audience, to showcase the participants newly acquired skills and to experience the force of the three-way dynamic of puppeteer/puppet/audience.


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