Project Participant Application Form PXL

Deadline for Applications: January 25, 2016:  (Notification February 1)

Please scan and email this form and a short bio to: Or mail to: Puppetmongers PXL,  3 Jersey Street, Toronto, ONT. M6G 3A2

(Please write clearly)

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________ Day

Phone: ____________________ Evening Phone: _______________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________________

Anything you would like to say about yourself (optional): ________________________________________________________________


I am interested in the following activities (check all that apply).

 Choreography

 Construction

 Costuming

 Design

 Directing

 Dramaturgy

 Lighting

 Music/SFX

 Performing

 Video/filmmaking

 Other__________

Briefly, what is your interest in puppetry: _________________________________


I will bring my non-refundable $250 materials & workshop fee to the initial meeting.

I have read this package and understand the PXL process and guidelines. As a participant in PXL, I will subscribe to the policies set forth by Puppetmongers Theatre regarding the use and limitations of the facilities and staff.

Signature: ________________________________

Date : ________________________________