Definitions of Terms:

1.All the people participating in the Puppetry Exploratory Laboratory (PXL) are referred to as the PXL Company; Puppetmongers are the PXL Staff; and Puppetmongers’ studio is The Studio.

2. Each project will be created by a Project Group, made of a Project Initiator and the team of Project participants who have signed up for that project.

Ownership of Work:

3. Ownership of the piece belongs to the Project Initiator and whomever the Project Group designates.

4. Copyrighting a piece is the responsibility of the Project Initiator.


5. Any piece produced in PXL time and space and performed under the auspices of PXL will be considered a PXL piece.

No other company name will be used in conjunction with a PXL performance (except by special arrangement).

6. Puppetmongers Theatre may use your name, likeness, and the title and photos of the piece to promote PXL, and on our web site, blog etc. If you wish to use a pseudonym, you must inform us on your application.

7. Puppetmongers may use your name, likeness and/or photo, as well as photos of your piece, to promote future PXL programs.

Storage of Materials/Props:

8. Project ownership includes storage responsibility. Pieces must be removed from Puppetmongers Studio (the Studio) by the end of strike following the final performance. Materials left in the Studio after that will be considered the property of Puppetmongers and may be discarded.

Production crediting:

9. Any further production or presentation of the piece must carry the credit line ”Originally produced in Puppetmongers’ PXL” in the immediate title area of all programs, posters and printed material concerning the piece, and/or be included in the announcement of the title of the piece, should the title be presented to the public in an audible manner.

Alcohol/Drug policy:

10. Puppetmongers’ Studio is a drug free workplace. The consumption of alcohol or any other drug prior to or during your activities at the Studio will result in the immediate termination of your project: any and all monies given to the Project Director must be refunded in full to the Puppetmongers Theatre.


11. Both parties to this agreement indemnify, defend and/or hold the other party harmless for losses, claims, damages or liabilities caused by the party, arising out of performance of this contract, or otherwise or in the case of any third party taking action against parties to this contract arising out of activities during the performance of this contract, except in the case of gross negligence or criminal acts.

Force majeure:

12. If either party is unable to perform as set out in this agreement for any reason beyond their control, including and without limitations: illness, accident or incapacity, fires, labour disputes, acts of God, or any other unforeseeable circumstance which makes the fulfillment by either party impossible, it shall be considered null and void, and neither party shall be liable to the other for any damage(s) arising from the other party’s inability to perform.


13. I have read both the packet and the above information and agree to the concept and terms, and consider this an agreement with Puppetmongers Theatre for all work I shall produce in PXL. As a participant in PXL, I will subscribe to the policies set forth by Puppetmongers Theatre regarding the use and limitations of the facility and staff.

Please print a copy of this form and submit it to Puppetmongers at the first meeting.

Signature _______________________________

Date _______________________________

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