Puppetmongers’ aim is to explore and advance the theatrical possibilities of puppetry, to promote the art by making our new and broader definition of puppetry into a widely accepted part of theatre.  Our definition encompasses all objects manipulated for a theatrical purpose be they representational or nonrepresentational, including the scenic elements and live performers when used as objects.




We create something never seen before, yet accessible because it is grounded within recognizable traditions. By exploring stories with meaning and placing the work in a contemporary context, we delight and engage the consciences of our audiences.  We challenge our audiences’ expectations of puppetry, of what they might see at the theatre, and ultimately about what life has to offer. Our desire is that through our productions, education, outreach and support for emerging artists we will contribute to a humanist, supportive and accepting society.


Allie Marshall – Chair.  Allie began with Puppetmongers as a high school co-op student. Her time with them instilled a great love for puppetry and object theatre.  Since 2009 she has been a member of the board of directors.  Allie works as a wardrobe coordinator for theatre working for such companies as Factory Theatre, Canadian Rep, Mirvish Productions, Company Theatre, and Theatre Francais Toronto.  Allie has worked as a Designer with such companies as The Blyth Festival, Birdtown and Swanville and Bad New Days Performing Arts.

Linda Rogers – Secretary Treasurer.  Linda is employed as Manager of External Relations at Tapestry Opera, Linda holds a degree in Applied Theatre and has worked in Arts Management, Advocacy, Education, and New Media.  Her roles have included leadership positions in Theatre, Orchestra, Opera and New Music, as well as pioneering leading edge new media applications in the Arts.  She founded the Arts Consulting firm ArtsCubed, which specializes in consulting and provision of services to small arts organizations.  Linda first encountered Puppetmongers while working with composer R. Murray Schafer, through the wonderful puppets created for his outdoor music/theatre work “The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix”

Larry Swartz.  Larry is an instructor in literacy as well as dramatic arts at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. He has been an educator for over thirty-six years and is well-known for his use of children’s literature to help young people grow as readers, writers and citizens of the world. As a classroom teacher, consultant, author and speaker, Larry has shared his enthusiasm and expertise with teachers, administrators, teacher-librarians and parents throughout Canada, the United States and Asia. Using Children’s Literature, The Arts, on fronting the Bully Issue and Creating Caring Classrooms are some of the educational events important to Larry.  He is the author of several teacher resource publications.

Brian Burch.  Brian has moved in and out of the creative world for generations.   At various points from the 1970s on he has done things such as running poetry reading series, helping to co-ordinate coffee houses, teaching drama and creative writing and received arts council funding as a writer and as a visiting artist in puppetry and drama.   He has also devoted a great deal of time and energy to community based and co-operative boards, including serving as president of the Canadian Alternative Investment Co-operative and St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society and on the boards of such organisations as the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, FoodShare and Essex Non-profit Homes.

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