Live Puppetry Animation, March 31, 2019

Bring your favourite puppets to life!

If you have a collection of puppets, or you’ve just learned to make puppets and you’re proud of your creations, bring them to puppet school and learn some of the many ticks and tricks, gestures and tilts, pauses and moves that bring full animation to your characters. Together we’ll practice some of the techniques that cartoon animators and stage puppeteers have used for years to create the illusion of gravity, breath, emotion, and the illusion of thought. Come and learn to think with your hands!

Workshop Facilitator:  Mike Petersen

Mike Petersen has performed puppetry across the country and around the world with such companies as Mermaid Theatre, The Edinburgh Puppet Company, Poland’s Teatr Arlekin, and Theatre Beyond Words. Screen credits include Fraggle RockLabyrinthThe Mighty JungleToopy & AmpBinoo, and most recently Miss Persona, a new web series online at Treehouse Direct. He created As You Puppet for YPT and performs in the Dora Award winning Old Man and the River with Theatre Direct Canada. As a puppet teacher Mike has worked alongside Seanna Kennedy and Bruce Dow at The LOT, and Christine Brubaker at Shaw Festival. He has also developed curricular for Sheridan College, Humber College, Niagara University, and The Toronto School of Puppetry.

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