Theatre & Dance

Puppetmongers greatly enjoy working on other people’s projects:  Here is some of what we have done in theatre and dance so far.


large dragon

Munsch At Play dragon

Created the Dragon puppets for the production of Munsch At Play by Tetrault Arts Productions

Designed and built Rocket and the Queen of Dreams for Roseneath Theatre, a shadow play for young audiences. (Nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production)

Play development and puppet building with Shadowland Theatre for The Lost Supper.  See it on YouTube


Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix.

Designed, built and manipulated the 5′ tall puppets for R. Murray Schafer’s Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix.

Designed and constructed the sets and costumes for both The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser and The Shop on Main Street, for Te-Amim Music Theatre.

Designed and built the shadow puppets, lamps and screen for the Evergreen Gamelan Club’s shadow show, SMOIDS



Pinocchio with Ingrid Rae Doucet

Built a 4′ tall puppet for Theatre New Brunswick’s Pinocchio. Body of styrofoam and plywood

Mask making for many dance and theatre companies.

Consulting, designing and building special effects props and puppets for many theatre companies.

Rented our lamps, screens, props, musical instruments, world music recordings and puppets to numerous theatre, dance and film productions.

Rented our studio for rehearsal to Pea Green Theatre, Eldrich Theatre and others.

Co-produced Shuttle Dreams with new-music composers Daria Dobrochna Kwiatkowska & Scott Wilson at the Music Gallery, Toronto. See it on YouTube

Photo credit: Anon.

Pirate Widow Cheng in Atlanta

Co-produced the first version of The Pirate Widow Cheng  with the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, with director Jon Ludwig.


Developed a workshop in halogen shadow work for dancers, with Yvonne Ng of Princess Productions.  See it on YouTube


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