Hard Times

Photo credit: Aviva Armour-Ostrov

We take one of the classics of Dickensian literature and flip everything on its head, including the audience.  Hard Times shows us a world in which supply and demand govern every human interaction, a world where a lot has changed since the Victorian era of greed, power, marginalization and class conflict – or has it?

Using glove puppets, actors and masks, Puppetmongers tell a tale of two worlds that looks at intimacy between generations and power between classes, and discover what happens when you reduce people to objects and numbers and treat them as machines. Hard Times is a journey down the rabbit hole of utilitarianism.


Directed by Chris Earle

Performed by Anand Rajaram, Ann Powell and David Powell

Designed and built by Ann Powell and David Powell

Light design by Kevin Hutson

Music by Rick Sacks

Stage managed by Bonnie Thomson

A co-production with Night Kitchen Theatre, with financial assistance from the Canada Council

Performed in association with Theatre Passe Muraille, in the Back Space for a two week run in the fall of 2011. The production ran 90 minutes with an intermission.


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