Fresh Ideas Program 2013


DAYTIME PROGRAM 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Helen Yung:  Hybrid Puppetry.
  • Mike Petersen:Muppetry 101.
  • UNIMA-Canada presentation about artistic collaborations.
  • Lunch 12 to 1 p.m.
  • Panel Discussion:  You’ve Built a Show; Now What?
  • Christoher Duthie and Ingrid Hansen: Yarnmen  A stop motion animation created in the PXL program.
  • Puzzle Theatre (Bulgaria/Montreal): How to Make Something Out of Nothing.
  • Vida Gharemani, A New Work 
  • UNIMA Canada AGM and for non members we have puppetry videos 

YARNMEN A stop motion experiment by Christopher Duthie, Ingrid Hansen, & Some Mittens.  First created for PXL 2013

EVENING PROGRAM  8:00 p.m.  Not in this order

MC, Mike Harding:

  • Puzzle Theatre: PLASTIC.
  • Brad Brackenridge: Terror and Erubus.  
  • Grey Muldoon: Skin and Bone.
  • Ben Lee and Laboni Islam from the PXL program
  • Humber students: The Hare and the Hedgehog.  
  • Humber students: The Rejuvenated Little Old Man TBA

Plastique by Puzzle Theatre of Montreal played at Fresh Ideas