Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day 2019

Deadline for proposals 31st March 2019

Late May or early June 2018 – location and date TBA

An almost-annual totally day-long mini-conference and festival.  Fresh Ideas showcases artists taking new and ground-breaking directions in puppetry

Fresh Ideas is a day of presentations and demonstrations, discussions and hands-on workshops.  The day culminates in an evening cabaret of fresh new performances.  It is a day of exciting innovations and explorations in puppetry, a stimulating event for everyone interested in current developments in the art form.


We are looking for * Presentations * Ideas for Discussion * Hands-on Workshops * Short Performances or Videos *

Participants will receive a small honorarium, plus a pass to all the day’s events and the evening performances.

Please contact us if you have an idea or wish to propose something you are working on or have freshly accomplished.   


Fresh Ideas in Puppetry is officially accredited by UNIMA Canada, supported by the Ontario Puppetry Association, and these excellent folk:

Fresh Ideas in Puppetry 2018--photo by Samantha Blanchette
Fresh Ideas in Puppetry 2018--photo by Samantha Blanchette

Learn more by visiting Fresh Ideas 2018

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