Foolish Tales for Foolish Times-March Break in the Library

2 p.m. Tuesday March 12th at the Queen/Saulter Public Library in Leslieville

2 p.m. Wednesday March 13th at the Mimico Public Library in Etobicoke

Four classic tales of misadventure take the audience on a journey of venerable folk wisdom, in a celebration of our shared humanity.   See what happens to our characters when they try using yesterday’s solutions to solve today’s problems, letting a small mistake become an insurmountable mess, just not thinking things through – these tales have it all! This show is guaranteed to please the young and young-at-heart alike. Told with Puppetmongers’ trademark witty fashion, each of the stories is imaginatively performed with a different style of puppetry, from human-sized to hand puppet, table-top to kitchenware.

Directed by Sue Miner; devised, built and performed by Ann Powell and David Powell; music/soundscape created by Rick Sacks.


  • For family audiences, ages 4 and up
  • for Grades K to 3, audience maximum 200
  • or Grades K to 6 mixed, maximum 250
  • Approximately 45 minutes, plus optional post-performance Q & A.

School Technical Sheet for Foolish Tales

Length of performance:   45 minutes.  A Q & A session can be added on request

Set up time is one hour in the performance area
Take out time is one hour in the performance area
Thus we will need the venue for 3 hours

Maximum audience size and Grade level:  

  • For Grades 1 – 3:  maximum audience 150
  • Or for Grades 1 – 6 mixed:  maximum audience 250.

Performing area:  17′ wide by 12′ deep by 8′ high                                                                                5.2 meters wide X 3.7 meters deep X 2.5 meters ceiling.

Please note that it can not be performed on a carpeted floor.

Electricity:  Access to a standard 120 volt outlet.                                                             The company brings extension cords.

Equipment:   The company brings its own light and sound systems.

Personnel:  2 performers


For further details please contact:  Email:

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