News from our Friends, the Artichoke Collective

Here’s a new company with a work in development that we’d recommend checking out!

Artichoke Heart Collective

Our new show Cirqular is selected for the Best of Fringe at the Toronto Centre for the Arts!
Catch it on July 23, 26 or 30 at 7pm!
NNNN A work of found-object puppetry that constantly surprises
-Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

“Definitely like nothing I’d ever seen before”
Mooney on Theatre“A+…I was completely enthralled”

My Entertainment World

Coming Up in 2014-15

Winter Holiday at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space will be a break with tradition this year, with the amazing yet ridiculous Brick Bros. Circus

March Break 2015 at the Oakville Centre with our short new shadow piece Monger Memories and some public shadow puppetry workshops

And we anticipate a remount of The Pirate Widow Cheng for adult audiences late in the season.  TBA