The Miller and the Miller’s Wife

A poor miller leads his family from rustic poverty to middle class comfort by gently guiding his none too ethical landlord, a gullible, grasping fellow, into simple financial speculations that go [...]

Foolish Tales for Foolish Times

Four classic tales of misadventure, full of venerable folk wisdom from around the world, are retold in a celebration of our shared humanity. Presented in a deceptively simple, low tech style, [...]

Tea at the Palace

Rich in magical surprises and mechanical ingenuity, inventive puppetry and exuberant folk music, Tea at the Palace is a sumptuous retelling of two stories told in old Russia about justice, [...]

Walidad the Grass Cutter 

Performed with delicately carved rod marionettes, delightful visual effects and traditional Persian music, this retelling of a Near-Eastern folk tale is puppet theatre for older audiences. The [...]

Cinderella in Muddy York

The much loved story of Cinderella is reset in 1830’s Upper Canada, just as “Muddy” York is to be renamed Toronto, and where the very Canadian Cinderella is expected to cater to every whim of her [...]

Brick Bros. Circus

This inventive play delights audiences of all ages, bringing the world of play, creativity and performance to life, brick by brick by brick. Guaranteed to stimulate imaginations and spark [...]

Bed and Breakfast

Laced with Puppetmongers’ inimitable humour and delightful storytelling, Bed & Breakfast is a charming adaptation of The Princess and the Pea, set in a magnificent miniature mansion of the [...]