A site-specific staging of The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe, in which Roderick Usher entombs his still living sister, Madeline, in the vault of their decaying mansion. To [...]

Pirate Widow Cheng

This production, set in early 19th century China, explores the true story of Shih Yang and her rise from prostitution to her command of one of China’s most ruthless pirate combines. We know that [...]

Brick Bros. Circus

This inventive play delights audiences of all ages, bringing the world of play, creativity and performance to life, brick by brick by brick. Guaranteed to stimulate imaginations and spark [...]

Hard Times

We take one of the classics of Dickensian literature and flip everything on its head, including the audience.  Hard Times shows us a world in which supply and demand govern every human [...]