Bed & Breakfast


Laced with Puppetmongers’ inimitable humour and delightful storytelling, Bed & Breakfast is a charming adaptation The full casteof The Princess and the Pea, set in a magnificent miniature mansion of the Edwardian era. Older children are intrigued by the captivating detail – tiny working period light fixtures and a steaming bathtub – while younger children are entranced by the story, transfixed by the power of make-believe.

Photo credit: Ann Powell

Humour abounds, and everyone roots for the clever servants who conspire to create a happy ending for their Royal employers. Bed & Breakfast was originally written, designed, built and performed solo by Ann Powell. The play was later remounted for two performers and directed by Sue Miner.


  • For  family Audiences:  enjoyed by ages 5 and up– and adults
  • Suited to studio theatres:  audience maximum 100 (the puppets are only 7″ tall!)
  • Approximately 60 minutes.


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