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Hard Times  The classic Dickensian tale of a world in which supply and demand govern every human interaction, a world where a lot has changed since the Victorian era of greed, power, marginalization and class conflict – or has it?

…an incredibly imaginative theatrical production…. consistently entertaining… a truly moving presentation of a Dickens tale.        Theatromania, online review

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TERROR  A site-specific staging of The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe, in which Roderick Usher entombs his still living sister, Madeline, in the vault of their decaying mansion… all with the assistance and complicity of the audience.

..highly imaginative site specific exploration of two creepy stories…   Critics Pick NNNN                                           NOW Magazine, Toronto

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The Pirate Widow Cheng  Set in early 19th century China, this play explores the true story of Shih Yang and her rise from prostitution to command of one of China’s most ruthless pirate combines.

…stunning… They are experts at infusing a puppet’s de facto wooden gestures with palpable emotion…The Puppetmongers’ intriguing images succeed in provoking the mind with their deliberate theatricality…                      Globe and Mail, Toronto

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The Ballad of Tamlin (Retired)

A sung story from the Scottish borderlands, Tamlin is the story of a teenaged girl’s struggle with the Queen of the Fairies for the life of the spellbound man who fathered the child she is carrying.

This work will fill the audience with wonder at the beauty and inventiveness they have witnessed.                                                            David Anderson,  Artistic Director, Clay and Paper Theatre, Toronto.

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