A World of Puppetry

Exploring diverse traditions  –  Inspiring creative classroom projects.  

This program is an ideal introduction to puppetry for follow-up classroom projects.

Tailored to suit: Grades 1 to 3;  4 to 6;  or 7 to 8

Audience maximum 100

Approximately 60 minutes, including talk-back

More information and booking: Mariposa in the Schools (MITS) info@mariposaintheschools.ca              416-462-9400                                                             


A World of Puppetry is both an introduction to the intriguing diversity of puppetry traditions around the world, and a demonstration of simple puppet making techniques.  The presentation appeals to students’ imaginations and sense of wonder, as well as giving their teachers a solid technical basis with which to inspire creativity in follow-up classroom activities in this interdisciplinary art form.

Different types of puppet making are explained and demonstrated in easy terms, using readily available materials, to inspire the students in the creation of their own puppet plays.  Potential puppet types include:  shadow puppets, rod puppets, toy theatres, marionettes, table-top puppets, and object puppets.  Each presentation is tailored to be age appropriate for the audience, and the programming can be customized to address the teachers’ classroom goals.

Instructional sheets for follow up classroom activities are provided for teachers.


Great ideas on how children can make their own puppets and theatres!  I love that!   Grade 4 teacher, St James Catholic School


Curriculum Connections:  Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Social Studies.

Character Education:  Teamwork.

Sample Drama Expectation:  Describe forms of theatre, storytelling and visual representation from diverse communities around the world. (B3., 1, grade 5).


Technical requirements:

  • Performing area:  3 meters by 3 meters
  • Set-up time: 60 minutes: Load-out time: 60 minutes.
  • Total time in the venue is 3 hours.
  • Performer brings lighting equipment, requiring one standard 120 volt outlet.
  • Please note that this demonstration works best in a darkened venue.
  • Personnel:  1 or 2 performers



Hands-on classroom workshops and residencies are also available all year for students in grades 1 through 8, and for teachers’ Professional Development.  A workshop is a minimum ½ day in length, with more visits allowing for greater depth and exploration, for a maximum of 1 class of participants per workshop.

The choice of puppet style and theme, customized to the grade level and interests, are discussed and decided on with the participating teacher(s) beforehand.

For Classroom Workshops contact Ann   416-538-6210   ann@puppetmongers.com