A World of Puppetry Tech Sheet

A World of Puppetry  is geared to be age and skill appropriate for primary / or junior / or intermediate students.

Maximum Audience size:                 100 people

Length of performance:                   45 minutes to 1 hour, includes Q & A session

Set up time:                                        45 minutes.

Strike time:                                         30 minutes.

* Thus the total time we require in your venue is 2 1/4 hours. *

Performance can be in the gym, the library or a large classroom

Performing area:   Absolute minimum area:  12′ wide, 10′ deep* Please note that this demonstration works best in a darkened venue *

Electricity:  One standard electric outlet.


For further information please contact Puppetmongers

info@puppetmongers.com   416-469-3555